RCA Audio/Video has partnered with Get Digital Data to support the RCA easyRip™ Media Software utilized with their line of mp3 player products.
  Imerge, the Cambridge-based pioneer of hard disk home media servers, is delighted to announce its new partnership with GD3 Data - the market leader in CD/DVD encoding software and metadata.
Exact Audio Copy is a so called audio grabber for audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. www.exactaudiocopy.de
Easy CD-DA Extractor: Developed by Poikosoft Easy CD-DA Extractor is the Swiss Army Knife Of Digital Audio: CD Ripper, Audio Converter, and CD/DVD Burner. www.poikosoft.com
MusiCHI Suite is an integrated HiFi music organizer to manage and listen to digital music, providing ultimate customization, unlimited size of library, incomparable tagging capabilities, and bit perfect output. www.musichi.eu
Niveus (pronounced: NIVV-ee-uss) Media, Inc. is a software & systems company. Through the integration of key technologies from its own IP portfolio and that of its partners, Niveus Media manufactures digital media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics and television services markets. Based in San Jose, CA, Niveus Media was founded in May 2002.
My Movies is a product brand of Binnerup Consult, a company based in Ă…rhus, Denmark. Our company delivers software and meta-data to many large and small companies focused on products around Media Centers and Home Servers.
dBpoweramp's CD Ripper has an installed user base of over 10 Million and falls in the top 5 of CD Ripping use world wide. That is a lot of CDs being ripped, into the 100's of Millions. www.dbpoweramp.com
Circuit City has partnered with Get Digital Data providing in-store cd ripping services for their customers.  Circuit City leverages the power of Encode Center software and the GD3 database to provide a fast and user friendly cd ripping experience.
Riptopia is a National digital audio and video processing company founded by a talented team of information technology professionals. Riptopia is a member of CEDIA and CEA and a partner with GD3 Data, the standards in digital metadata and CD/DVD recognition technology. Riptopia specializes in turning legacy media archives into high quality digital media for digital distributors and retailers, record labels, and radio stations.
RipDigital makes the move to digital music easy. Our primary service is converting CD collections into MP3 libraries -- saving you, our valued customers, from the laborious and time-consuming chore.
dmp3 Digital is a professional CD ripping service, offering high quality CD to MP3 conversion, CD to iPod, and other formats including Lossless, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.
cdripping.ca offers iPod loading and a CD to MP3 conversion service, converting your CD collection from an unmanageable mess into a single, accessible digital audio music powerhouse, completely organized with precise and verified metadata.
  CDBit provides digital conversion services for music CDs and Vinyl disks. CDBit is the conversion service for DigiBit headquartered in Madrid, Spain. DigiBit is specialised in digital audio devices and has developed the SONATA music server targeted to the music lovers with special emphasis in classical music due to its ability to view and select the new extended classical metadata fields of GD3 www.digibit.es
Ripstation by MF Digital is one of the World's most experienced CD DVD digitization products available today. Based in Farmingdale, NY U.S.A., Ripstation is designed to work within all areas of the music and video industries providing innovative software solutions to solve the challenges in the ongoing digital music and video space - identifying and promoting innovative business models that help manufacturers, service providers and end users benefit from new audio technologies. www.ripstation.com
  Founded in 1988 by top industry professionals, Mediatechnics is the number one producer of affordable desktop & production CD and DVD Duplication / Publishing Systems. www.mediatechnics.com

Ripstyles.com offers high volume, fast turn-around music and media conversion services for both the music/media lover and the audio/visual dealer. Ripstyles.com is an international disc ripping, media conversion, music styling and media consulting organization. Ripstyles.com is powered by Ripfactory's state-of-the-art software systems and robotics technology for CD, audio and DVD digitization. Ripstyles.com's corporate office is located in Arizona with regional offices in San Diego, Toronto, London and Montreal. www.ripstyles.com

Metarip has pioneering talent from ReQuest with over 20 years of CEDIA experience.  Metarip specializes in providing best in class services to ReQuest dealers. www.metarip.com
Ripping Revolution has partnered with Get Digital Data to combine the talent, technology, and metadata needed to deliver market leading CD encoding service for the high-end audio video market.  This collaboration ensures the best user experience through server-based systems such as ReQuest iQ, and Crestron Adagio, where accurate metadata is crucial to usability and enjoyment . www.rippingrevolution.com
Tri Phase is a high-end, custom electronics company known for the most innovative design and installation of high-quality products combined with superior customer service. www.triphasecustom.com
ripcaster is focused on providing innovative products and services in the emerging area between conventional personal computing (computers hardware and software, networking, wireless, web, security) and consumer/domestic electronic devices (hi-fi, radio, video, security and surveillance, intelligent domestic appliances). www.ripcaster.co.uk

Slimtunes is the German premium provider of fast and high-volume media conversion services to both, the consumer and the industrial client. Slimtunes prides itself in covering the full spectrum of media formats, making it an easy choice for today's demanding audience. www.slimtunes.de

Bebop Vaultsm, LLC is a music encoding service provider for consumers, manufacturers, dealers and installers. We will quickly convert your existing CD music collections to a high-quality digital format. www.bebopvault.com
Based in St. Louis, DigMyMedia offers a fast, affordable, and easy-to-use method for converting large personal CD collections to MP3s. www.digmymedia.com
Founded in 2003, Get Digital, Inc. provides a fast, cost effective, and easy-to-use solution for converting CD collections to computer file formats such as MP3, WMA, and others. Get Digital utilizes custom software and equipment to automate this process and provide the most efficient method accessible to anyone that supports all the MP3 devices available today.
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